Road Shipping

Since road shipping is one of the most sustainable‭, ‬flexible and economic types of shipping‭, ‬ Jisr Al Khalij provides complete and partial shipping services‭, ‬ Jisr Al Khalij provides major types and sizes of road shipping trucks whether for complete or partial‭, ‬dry or refrigerated shipping‭. ‬Road trucks are provided for shipping among GCC or neighboring countries upon request.
Our Fleet Type And Key Features:
• FTL/LTL Cargo Transportation Within UAE, Saudi And Other GCC and Middle east Countries.
• Documentation And Customs Clearance (Land/Air/Sea)
• Specialized Project Logistics.
• Lean Supply Chain Logistics Solutions
• Comprehensive Warehousing And Distribution Services
• Flat & Box Trailers 12/13.5/15/16/18/20/22 Meters
• Low Beds Of Various Kind / Capacity / Axle
• Car Carrier – Reefer Trucks – All Type Pickups 3-7-10 Tons
• Curtains Side Trailers
• Over Dimension / Heavy Lift Specialist Up To 125 Tons
• Special Trucks For Oil, Gas & Chemicals Areas
• Full Infrastructure At All Border
• Points- Inter-Country And Inter-State
• Trained Drivers
• Finished Goods Distribution
• Pick & Pack
• Merge In Transit
• Vendor Managed Inventory
• Return Programs
• Transport Management Services
• Optimizing Routes And Modes For Outstanding Results.
With Our Land Transportation Management Service, We Ensure Higher Levels Of Service And Visibility, More Reliability And Control, Along With All The Resources You Need At A Competitive Price. In Other Words, We Transform Your Land Transportation Grid into A Competitive Advantage.

We Manage the Entire Outbound Distribution Process On Your Behalf. Working With You To Establish The Optimal Distribution Network For Your Goods, We Design, Implement And Manage Delivery To This Network, Using The Best Mix Of Modes.

Our Solution Combines The Network Optimization, Cost-Effective And Efficient Supplier Procurement And Devoted Management Processes.

By Managing Both The System And The Third-Party Suppliers Who Deliver Your Goods, We Are Able To Improve Asset Utilization And Your Ability To Respond Effectively To Your Customers’ Needs In A More Flexible Fashion.